The ongoing sustainability of this ministry

depends on the provision of strong,

committed partnerships.


Giving Partners

WaterCup is funded primarily by donations from local churches and individuals. As an organization that operates with a very modest overhead, low facility costs, and a team committed to providing services to Central Oregon, you donations are greatly appreciated. All contributions to WaterCup are tax-deductible.



Clients are referred to WaterCup Counseling Service by local churches, organizations, educators, fire fighters, police officers, hospitals, mental health professionals, local psychiatric facilities, and personal recommendations.


Prayer Partners

Strong prayer support is provided in the following ways:

  • Regular, confidential prayer for specific needs of those in counseling.
  • Asking the Lord for wisdom, creativity, support, and strength for this ministry.


Become a Partner

New partners in giving and prayer are always welcome. Please contact WaterCup Counseling for more information about how you can participate.